Using Artificial Intelligence to Simplify Legal Compliance.

VictorAi helps law firms and companies achieve and maintain legal compliance in data privacy, local, state and federal regulations and contracts. We do this through an Artificial Intelligence named Victor.
Meet Victor


For Law Firms

Our AI helps law firms better service their clients and generate incremental revenue by identifying contracts and policies that need correction due to regulatory changes. It works with the firm's staff to organize and facilitate necessary actions.

For Companies

Our AI ingests and analyzes thousands of publicly available corporate documents every day and notifies companies when their documents are out of compliance. If those companies request help correcting their documents, we help them find competent assistance.

For Law Schools

Law students are struggling to pass the bar exam once they graduate, so while they're in school, we're giving them the chance to match their knowledge against our AI which helps train our AI and helps the students improve their own knowledge in the process.

Our Mission: Democratizing Justice

Augmenting Not Replacing

Regulations change every 7 minutes, new laws are passed at the local, state and federal level constantly and only 40.7% of test takers passed the November 2018 bar exam. We’ve reached a point where the practice and performance of law has become so complex and fluid that we simply can’t keep up without help.

VictorAi is bringing the help. Large amounts of complex data are exactly what artificial intelligence excels at, so we’re developing an artificially intelligent Virtual Compliance Officer that will help lawyers stay on top of regulatory changes, help companies become and remain compliant with ever-changing legal requirements and help law students test their skills and knowledge by training our AI which will improve their chances of passing the bar. Because AI isn’t meant to replace us – it’s here to augment our own skills and abilities so we can not just succeed, but excel.


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